6 Outside-Of-The Box Ideas To Find A Job Or Stay Relevant Post COVID-19

There will be great damage wrought on the job market in the wake of COVID-19. We have already witnessed 26 million jobs lost with an anticipated millions more to come. Many industries will suffer badly for years to come.

You’d be doing yourself a disservice to presume that your job is safe and sound. If you’ve lost your job or are concerned about the safety and long-term viability of your career, you need to plan ahead of time and not wait for the ax to fall.

Here are six outside-of-the-box things you can do to stay in the game and keep the momentum of your career going.

1. Make Yourself Indispensable

If you’ve lost your job, you don’t want to wait on the sidelines for too long. At first, employers will understand that you were impacted by the pandemic. After months pass, hiring managers will question why you weren’t picked up when others were already rehired. They’ll begin to doubt your abilities. Since there will be so many other people in the job market, they can easily move onto other candidates if they see that you haven’t been doing anything for the last bunch of months.

2. Take On Contracting Roles To Stay Relevant

By working on a contract with a company, you will make new contacts, build your network and have the possibility of being converted to a permanent employee. It also shows prospective employers that you’re industrious, picked up new skills and stayed relevant.

3. Pivot Or Reinvent Yourself

Pivoting is a little different. Find a way that your skills, experience and knowledge can crossover into another field. You may have to take a couple of steps backward financially, but you can start rebuilding and quickly grow your career again.

For example, after the financial crisis, Wall Street traders lost their well-paying jobs. Then, technology was implemented that further crushed the careers of traders. These high-flying guys (yes, they were mostly men) hated the compliance department — the internal police-type people who oversaw their actions and wrote them up when they violated the rules.

The unemployed traders with little or no options became enamored with compliance. They’d say “Hey, I know all the ins-and-outs of trading and all the games that are played. I’ve seen all the tricks of the trades and understand the mindset. I’d be a great compliance officer!” They were right. Investment banks hired a large number of former traders in compliance and supervisory roles, figuring they could effectively deal with their former peers and have an insider’s knowledge of what they’re up to.

4. You May Have To Relocate

5. Remote Jobs Will Become More Prevalent

Start searching for job listings that offer that work-from-home arrangement. Even if a job listing doesn’t say that the company is open to work-from-home options, ask anyway. You have nothing to lose.

6. Start A Business

Either you can make a go of it and make some money or it’s something smart to have on your résumé. When you go into an interview, if the business doesn’t work out, you can say, “After working X amount of years in Y field, I built up an expertise in the space. I’ve always dreamed of starting a business and thought this was the right time to take a chance and do it. After running my company for a while, I’ve learned a lot and helped many businesses. However, I now realize that I prefer working at a large organization. This was a great learning experience and I grew from it and would like to return to what I really love doing, which is this job that I’m interviewing for.”

The keys to navigating the new post-COVID-19 world entail working hard to show your value so that you keep you job, preparing to reinvent yourself, pivoting to another career, taking on short-term assignments to stay relevant, having an open mind to moving where the jobs are and trying to ask companies if they’d allow you to work remotely. Lastly, you can always create your own job by starting a business offering your experience, skills and knowledge.

Source: FORBES

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